Saving $Thousands for Taxpayers Every Year

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Tom Gannon

Our Mission

Cutting property taxes for taxpayers whose homes have lost value in the current recession.  Why should you keep paying property taxes based on a tax assessment that was made before the recession? Paying high mortgage payments while the value of your home nosedives are bad enough. It may be a good time to have that assessment reduced. It will cut your property taxes. We want to help.

How We Do It

Your property appraisal should result in a fair and accurate tax assessment, the truth is the appraisal process is subject to errors. Important factors inherent to individual properties are overlooked, causing overvaluation, resulting in unjustifiably high taxes.

We can save you money by reducing property taxes on your home or commercial property. Our success in securing lower property taxes for you is a direct result of our case preparation standards, understanding the assessment process and communication with county officials. Recognizing over-assessment situations, and uncovering potential opportunities and strategies will save you money.

What's Our Fee

No Reduction = No Fee. You do not pay a fee unless we are successful in obtaining a property tax reduction for you. In the event there is no reduction in the assessed value of your property, there will be NO FEE charged to you.  Complete our information request form for a tax assessment analysis and for more information.